Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 5 - The Bus Tour

Shaykh Alaa led us on a bus tour of some of the sights of Madinah. He took us to Masjid Qiblatayn and Masjid Quba where we prayed tahiyatul masjid. But perhaps, most interestingly, he took us to the mountain of Uhud, to where the Battle of Uhud took place.

We stood on the mountain where the archers stood. We looked across and saw the massive mountain of Uhud where the Prophet (saws) was almost cornered. We looked below and saw the plains where the battle had taken place (now converted into a bustling souq of cart vendors).

And Shaykh Alaa passionately told the story of the battle that took place over 1400 years ago. The story of a battle almost won, but lost due to misjudgement by the archers on the mountain. But Subhan Allah, look at the wisdom of Allah that Shaykh Alaa shared with us.

What if the Muslims had won the battle? Despite the disobedience of the archers? What precedent would have been set? What would be the lesson for the rest of us? That we could disobey the Prophet of Allah and still be successful.

But the wisdom of Allah is greater. Greater than just the outcome of one battle. Greater than just another victory notch for the Muslims. Greater than even an injury to Rasulullah (saws). The wisdom was for the success of Islam and the success of the Ummah.

Obedience to Allah and His Messenger will lead to success insha Allah. That was the precedent, that was the lesson, that was the reminder for the Ummah to come. So what have we done to follow him?

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