Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 2 - Arrival in Madinah

You can see the masjid from the plane. You can see the masjid from the bus. You can see the masjid from the hotel window. But nothing can prepare you for what you see when you approach it on foot.

After arriving at Fajr on Tuesday morning, I couldn't enter the Prophet's masjid until Dhuhr the next day. Through out our travel, I kept making dua that I would to see the masjid and hear the salah from our room window. Alhamdulillah, my dua was answered. Listening to the Fajr adhan outside my window, as my husband, Br Ahmer and Sahar ran to catch Fajr, it felt comforting and welcoming as I leaned in to listen.

In this place, everything revolves around salah. All else stops. The shops roll down their doors, the street vendors wrap everything into their blankets, the sea of people move towards the masjid of the Prophet. Time feels like it is based in which salah you just completed, no longer based on numbers on a clock. Almost every salah, and even tahajjud has people praying right to the back of the outer courtyard. Who would want to give up a 1000 times more reward? By the huge crowds masha Allah, I would say virtually no one.

"Come to prayer, come to success! Come to prayer, come to success!"

I yearned to join them, but Allah is the best of planners and my first salah wasn't until Dhuhr the next day. It was a moments that I won't soon forget.

Madinah Fajr Adhan

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