Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 4 – Jummah at Masjid Nabawi

I prayed with over 1 million people today. 1 million! That’s more than the entire population of Mississauga! Can you imagine the entire population of Mississauga fitting into one building and praying salah at the same time? Unimagineable. The logistics of such an endeavour would take months, maybe years to plan.

And yet, there is so much barakah in the place, that it almost feels effortless. Obviously, it is not effortless. There are many workers, from the crowd control sisters who can speak several languages to the clears who are constantly cleaning up spilled zam zam, replacing the stocks of plastic cups, moving the huge tubs or wiping the dividers. Their efforts are unending.

There’s one crowd control sisters who was especially feisty masha Allah. Her voice directing people would echo through the masjid. “Baji! Baji! Andhar! Andhar!” Her Arabic accent pronouncing the Urdu words always made my smile.

Late that evening, before Maghrib and again, after Isha, Dr Muneer gave a sisters only talk describing the history and highlights of the Masjid Nabawi. From the detailed information on the expansions, the minarets, the addition of the domes, the changing mihrabs, the depth of his knowledge is striking masha Allah.

An amazing fact that he shared is that the size of the current masjid, is the same size as the original city of Madinah! That means we could truly be stepping in the footsteps of Rasulullah (saws).


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