Thursday, May 23, 2013


Making the Decision and the Big REVEAL!

Shaykh Alaa is walking in front of us, leading the way through ISNA’s hallways, to his office in the corner of the expansive masjid. His height and stride keep him quick masha Allah, and while my husband is keeping up, I’m almost running behind them. With a swiftness, we enter his simple, serene office, his desk and chair along one side and a cushy sofa against the other wall. I try to regain my composure after that brisk walk as my husband and I settle into the couch. Shaykh Alaa’s time is valuable and his schedule is packed, so we jump right into our reason for meeting. We’ve come to ask him to help us make a choice.

Like most others, our finances are limited and we need to decide where our money should be spent. Our choice is between spending on progressing our family or making the Hajj, both noble causes in my opinion. Explaining our circumstances and our options, we  left it all on the table for Shaykh Alaa to give us some honest and sincere advice. I had made istakhaara already, so although my desires would lead me to certain conclusion, I knew we had to leave it Allah’s hands to decide our path and know what was best for us.

Shaykh Alaa, in his caring and endearing way, didn’t mince any words. There was no option. Hajj was mandatory – our desires were not.

Our decision was made alhamdulillah. Later that night, when I was explaining our encounter to Naila, my sister-in-law, it dawned on me that going to Hajj should’ve been so clear. But it took a jolt to get that clarity and my heart and mind were now content. In fact, I was overcome with a feeling of gratefulness and euphoria for being guided to making one of the best decisions of my life. Our first step to Hajj had begun.

Many of you might be at the first step or still trying to decide. May Allah make it easy for you to seek His Pleasure. Ameen. For those of you that are on the fence or have already made that first step, then the BIG REVEAL is for you!

And insha Allah, it’s coming in the very next post!

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