Friday, October 12, 2012


Driving down Mississauga Road the other day, the sun was setting and without any houses in the way, it shone bright. Warm and blinding against the only row of houses, there were no buildings to cast any shadows except one lone fire station.

The car was warm and the visor provide little protection against the striking rays. It felt nice masha Allah.

They say that in the Haram, the floor is so hot, despite all the cooling technology, that you need to wear socks to protect your feet. The intense sun reminds me of the intensity of the heat and sun that wait for us in Saudi. A friend's family member said the temperature is close to 50 deg right now. Almost unimaginable. Sounds virtually unbearable.

But if the heat from the floor of the house of Allah is unbearable, why do we think we will be able to bear the heat of the hellfire? The uncle of the Prophet (saws), Abu Talib, will face the least of the hellfire as mentioned in the hadith:
“The least severely punished of the people of Hell will be a man who has two live coals  placed on the soles of his feet – because of which his brains will boil as a pot boils. He will not think that anyone is being punished more severely than him, but he will be the one who is punished most lightly.” (Bukhari, Muslim)
And this is from Allah's mercy, due to Abu Talib's actions in protecting Islam and the Prophet (saws). What have we done to deserve Allah's mercy? Our Iman? Our Salah? Siyam? Zakaah? Hajj? None of it will be enough to thank Allah for all He has done for us, but Allah is the Most Merciful. May Allah protect all us from even the lightest of His punishments. Ameen.

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